Growing up, Christmas was one my most beloved times of the year.  The unity, community, and comradery that I experienced as my family gathered with my extended family (which consisted of 27 grandkids (I was the 3rd oldest) and 7 sets of aunts and uncles) at my grandma and grandpa’s farm house on Christmas […]

My Delight

      The sun quietly broke through the horizon filling the day with new hopes of faith filled adventures for the inhabitants of the quaint, small town of America. Slowly one by one they rose from their beds wiping the sleepiness from their rested eyes and stretching themselves into their new day. Quickly they pour their […]

Lean into Discomfort

Discomfort.  A word that means slight pain or make someone feel uneasy, anxious, or embarrassed.  It is a word we do not use too often except in the occasional description of a medical ailment.  I do realize that this definition in and of itself is very negative hence the reason we brace ourselves for something […]