Are You Satisfied?

I’m not.  Satisfaction is temporary.  When you get hungry for dinner, you eat something.  You fill your stomach and you are satisfied, for a few hours.  Eventually, the hunger comes back and you need more.  It’s never ending.  We’ve done it our entire lives:  eat, get our fill, be satisfied, repeat. “I have come to […]

A Father’s Love

This life moves at a rate which can become a whirlwind at times, everything converging at once it can seem. However, there are a few moments in life that seem like time almost stops, each second lingering a little longer. Then just like that, we begin to feel time slip through our fingers once more. […]

How’s school?

What is going to be your child’s biggest challenge in school this year? Classes Extra-curricular (sports, 4H, band, etc.) Relationships (friends, significant others, teachers, etc.) Choosing a college Many times, we as parents, like to skim across the surface of issues our children are facing instead of growing our children to be able to handle […]

Under Pressure

Pressure.  What a word.  It’s a word that creates a weighty feeling.  However, it’s more than a word.  Pressure is a vital part of maturity…physically, mentally, and most of all spiritually.  It’s a needed aspect of every part of life.  But, it’s a feared and misunderstood part of the growth process.  It’s the part of […]