A Father’s Love

This life moves at a rate which can become a whirlwind at times, everything converging at once it can seem. However, there are a few moments in life that seem like time almost stops, each second lingering a little longer. Then just like that, we begin to feel time slip through our fingers once more. […]

How’s school?

What is going to be your child’s biggest challenge in school this year? Classes Extra-curricular (sports, 4H, band, etc.) Relationships (friends, significant others, teachers, etc.) Choosing a college Many times, we as parents, like to skim across the surface of issues our children are facing instead of growing our children to be able to handle […]

Under Pressure

Pressure.  What a word.  It’s a word that creates a weighty feeling.  However, it’s more than a word.  Pressure is a vital part of maturity…physically, mentally, and most of all spiritually.  It’s a needed aspect of every part of life.  But, it’s a feared and misunderstood part of the growth process.  It’s the part of […]

Prophetic Art for July 2017

Celebrating prophetic art this month with this beauty, post your revelation! It comes to us from Michelle Preble. This is what Michelle received from the Lord. “You are Freedom”. Don’t be afraid to race to the top of the mountain with the Lord. Don’t be afraid to let go of the excesses baggage as you […]

Prophetic Recap July 16th 2017

Prophetic recap for July 16th 2017 Eric God is highlighting things already this morning, close your eyes, father I just ask that you speak to our hearts, Jim Sutherland kept hearing the words, the power of the resurrected Christ, the power of the Resurrection, The Power of the Resurrection, the power of the Resurrection is […]