Four Problem Sources

The Four Sources of Our Problems

Rarely can we point to a single cause for problems in our lives. They are usually complicated and can involve many people and events which impact us on a regular basis. Compound these events over a life-time and it is no wonder that we are often at a loss to discern the root causes of such pressing issues. These many facets continually interact to make us who we are.

This is true for the four sources of our problems and their negative affect on our lives. The four sources are: Generational Sins and Curses, Ungodly Beliefs, Life’s hurts, and Demonic Oppression. These sources are integrally intertwined.  There is a fundamental interrelatedness between each one and the other three sources. In order to bring lasting healing and freedom, all four sources must receive ministry in the same general time frame, with the RTF minister understanding how each source relates to the others.

Before we tackle the four sources and the problems that manifest in our lives, let’s breathe in four truths about God’s character and His design. Understanding these truths and how they address the four sources will help us to move closer to the goal of becoming more and more like Jesus and living a life filled with joy and peace regardless of our circumstances.