Life’s Hurts

Our God Heals Life’s Hurts

God is our Healer. He delights to heal us spiritually, emotionally, and physically. In fact, one of God’s name is Jehovah Rapha—Our God who heals.

The pain of past hurt can rule our life. It simmers, it stifles, and sometimes it shuts us completely down. Understanding scriptural principles brings comfort and hope, but it does not necessarily bring healing. Forgiveness releases us from bitterness and from the bondage of negative ties to others, but it does not necessarily heal hurts. Demolishing demonic oppression brings great freedom, but it does not heal hurts.

God heals hurts. He is waiting and ready to touch our deepest pain if we will let Him. In a sense, His healing is another divine exchange, in which we offer to Him our hurt and He offers to us His healing. Most of us do not know how to go about receiving this wonderful gift He has to offer.

Restoring The Foundations leads you to the Father’s gentle touch that brings lasting healing.

Scripture References: (Exodus 15:26; Isaiah 61:1)