Ungodly Beliefs

Our God is the God of Truth

God cannot lie; His loving and holy perspective is always true. Jesus lived out that truth and perspective not only as an example for us to follow, but so that we might know the truth deep in our being. An essential key to our wholeness and freedom is receiving God’s truth and applying it to the beliefs that guide our lives.

From the moment we enter this world, bits and pieces of information and impressions continue to come together to form our beliefs and expectations. We consciously or unconsciously form opinions and make conclusions. Often these opinions and conclusions are wrong. No matter how staunchly we hold to them and relentlessly defend them, they simply are wrong. These ungodly beliefs, developed over time, often seem reasonable to us based upon the facts and experiences of our life. In fact, they affect our expectations and behavior (and the behavior of others) which often leads to a cycle of reinforcing the ungodly beliefs, expectations and resulting behavior.

There is a truth above the facts: God’s truth. Gaining God’s perspective and His truth about our life and experiences is essential. With it, we can understand our identity as God’s beloved child and appropriate His healing and freedom in our life. Our God is a God of truth.

Scripture References: (Hebrews 6:18; Isaiah 55:8)