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The Altar Team currently has 46 members. Team members are those who have made New Covenant Worship Center their home church and have a heart and desire to pray for people and see lives changed through prayer. Their names were submitted to the leadership of the church for their approval. The team members are a mix of age groups from older adults to teens. Team members are given a copy of a NCWC Altar Team Ministry Protocol Guide and get equipped through training. Our Ministry Guide contains commitment, characteristics, etiquette, guidelines and how to pray for yourself. Most of the material in the ministry guide came from Randy Clark’s Ministry Team Training Manuel.

On Sunday mornings before the service begins, the team members gather to pray as a group before the morning service. We pray for the Worship Team, the speaker, Children’s church workers, the manifestation of God’s love, and to welcome the Holy Spirit. Each team member will be either a Prayer “Warrior” or a “Watchman”. Each Sunday morning there are six people as “Warriors” (identified with green lanyards) and two “Watchman” (identified with blue lanyards). The “Warriors” consist of husband and wife teams. We also have teams where two women or two men are praying for people who come forward. The team will come forward to pray during the last two songs of worship. When an individual approaches the Prayer “Warriors” they will be asked what their need is and the “Warriors” will be sensitive to the need and pray as the Lord leads them. The “Warriors” are there to show love, comfort and exhort. The “Watchmen” are there to be praying in the Spirit silently for the “Warriors” and the person getting prayed for.

As I have been writing and sharing details about the Altar Team Ministry I soon realized that it is not about the team but it is about the people coming forward for prayer. There are many hurting people in the body of Christ and are desiring the freedom the Lord has for them. People come forward seeking the Lord for various reasons. Some just need a touch from God, a word of encouragement, healing in their body, salvation, recommitment to the Lord, deliverance or to be filled with Holy Spirit.

The Lord wants to make Himself real to all people. The Altar Team is there to help and guide them in having an experiential touch from the Lord. For some it will be the first time they experience freedom which can have an everlasting affect on their lives; for others it will be experiencing the Lord again in a new way.
Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Altar/Prayer Ministry at NCWC is all about people getting set free from bondages. Below is our team’s Mission Statement and why we pray for people.

Mission Statement of the Altar Team.

“Standing in faith in the name of Jesus, we pray the will of God for all people who come seeking edification, exhortation, and comfort through the healing hands of the Holy Spirit”.

The reason why we pray:

“We pray so that:
God’s love is released,
Sickness turns to health,
Darkness turns to light,
Confusion becomes clarity,
Sinners become Saints,
Depression turns to joy,
Weakness turns to strength,
We pray so Heaven can invade the Earth!”

Here are a few Testimonies: An Altar Team member prayed for a person wanting deliverance from smoking. After prayer the person was delivered and set free from the addiction. Another person came forward for prayer for healing in his knee and was healed. On Easter Sunday our Pastor asked if anyone wanted salvation. Several raised their hands and the Altar Team went to pray with them at their seats. Many made a commitment to the Lord. Praise the Lord for His goodness toward us!

Alger Julson
Altar/Prayer Team Leader

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