Am I a Thermometer or Thermostat?

Living life as a Follower of Christ in this day and age we face many challenges. One of the most glaring hurdles to overcome is the cultural and spiritual atmosphere we encounter day to day. We can choose to succumb to the influence or the atmosphere around us and act as a thermometer or be the catalyst that causes it to change – in effect being a thermostat. From a spiritual standpoint there are two things that happen: We either increase the Kingdom of Heaven or increase the kingdom of hell by what we do and what we say when we interact with people. If we allow what other people say or do to influence us in a negative way, then we render ourselves powerless and give it away to those we listen to.

Jesus was confronted by Pontius Pilate and an incredible revelation transpired –

John 19:11

Then Jesus said, “You would have no power over me at all unless it were given to you from above. So the one who handed me over to you has the greater sin.”

The incredible thing is what Jesus declared in His dialogue with Pilate. He laid down His life because He chose to. He chose to fulfill the will of His Poppa and not His own. This is truly amazing! He was not a doormat. He did not give in to bullying. Jesus remained powerful and in control of Himself as He decided to lay down His life! Wow! Jesus showed us that we are powerful (therefore a thermostat) by His example. He demonstrates that we are in control of ourselves! Praise Poppa! I am not a victim of the world!

Another astounding display of this is when Jesus was tempted by the devil. He didn’t lose His cool. He didn’t let anger take over. He remained powerful even when His nemesis offered to give Him the authority to rule over the world by bowing down and submitting. Jesus knew what was at stake. His inheritance! Us! He loved us enough to lay down His life as a sinless sacrifice to finish it once and for all! THIS IS GOOD NEWS! We can deduct from Jesus’ example that we were created to be powerful people in control of ourselves. This also alludes to the authority that we have as sons & daughters of our Poppa in Heaven!

This brings us back to the initial question. If we truly know who we are then we understand what is at stake. I have to make a conscious choice every morning to connect with my Father in Heaven and allow the atmosphere of Heaven to flow through me throughout the day. If we as followers of Christ embrace this revelation and choose to make this a reality in our lives then we allow the culture of Heaven to become a reality on earth!

This gives great relevance to Jesus words in prayer in Matthew 6:10 – ‘ Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as in Heaven!’ When Heaven comes to earth eternal destinies are forever changed!

Poppa, I pray that this incredible revelation would become planted and take root deep in fertile soil of our hearts and grow to bear fruit of the Kingdom as we make Jesus famous and be part of bringing His inheritance into the Kingdom of Heaven! Amen!

Chris Hanson
Evangelism Ministry Leader

One thought on “Am I a Thermometer or Thermostat?

  1. I am so blessed to have a Son like you Chris. You indeed are a thermostat and wonderful example of living the life! I love you, your Dad.

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