A Call to Heal

Being a follower and a disciple of Jesus means that He has qualified you to walk in God’s healing power to heal the sick. He can and wants to use you to release His healing power and change the world around you. Then the question becomes, what do you believe about you qualification to carry […]


As we go through life there are many challenges we face on day-to-day bases. Two of those challenges are receiving an offense and causing an offense. A person can be going along in life and out of nowhere someone can say something or do something that offends you. It does not take much in today’s […]

Being Distracted

How easily distracted are you?  What distracts you the most? Do you get consumed with what is happening around the world, our nation, our state and communities?  Or are you allowing God to consume you? Being distracted is not fun. Your mind has a tendency to keep spinning from one thing to another until it is […]

The Race Of Faith

In high school I ran cross country in my junior and senior years. There were not many students who would participate in this sport and few people would even attend a cross country meet. It was not the most popular sport to participate in, basketball was more popular. The high school had a student body […]

Watch and Pray

When Jesus knew that His life here on the earth was nearing the end, to be the ultimate sacrifice for mankind, He and His disciples went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. Jesus asked three of His disciples to go with Him, Peter and two sons of Zebedee, James and John. He told them […]

Walk and Pray

Walking while praying is one of the ways to make a culture change for a city. It involves taking our prayers to the very places where we desire to see God’s presence manifested and our prayers answered. Prayer-walking is the powerful dynamic of praying on-site with God’s sight. So why walk and pray? When praying […]