Remember the old Sunday School song that was sang years ago. It goes something like this: “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy Down in my heart Down in my heart Down in my heart I’ve got the joy, joy, joy Down in my heart Down in my heart to stay I have the peace that […]


Wonder. We all hear the word and use it occasionally in sentences. But we rarely talk about what it means in relationship to God. Wonder in its noun usage is a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable. The verb usage of wonder is desire of the curious […]


I know “Attitude of Gratitude” is a cliché that is used frequently in the Christian circles as well as the worldly circles. Unfortunately, this cliché has lost its punch. My desire is to stir ones heart again about this old cliché and really seek to understand the consequences when we aren’t nurturing a thankful heart […]

God’s Mission

From the beginning of creation God’s mission has never wavered, it has never been influenced by popular opinion, it has never been changed to be politically correct, it has never changed because of what is going on in the world. It has stayed the same from the beginning and will until the earth and all […]