Growth is a funny thing. It’s something we all want and desire. It happens every minute of our days until it becomes very evident one day with a wrinkle here and there to the first gray hair appearing. Growth can be fun and it can also be a tough thing to endure. It’s not based […]

Choosing Life

Jesus Christ and his disciples had just finished the Last Supper.  Jesus revealed Judas Iscariot as the apostle who would betray him. Then Jesus made a disturbing prediction.  He said all his disciples would abandon him during his time of trial.  The overconfident Peter vowed that even if the others fell away, he would remain devoted to Jesus […]

Loving Well

Recently my husband and I received training on the Kendall Life Languages Profile (KLLP) Communication Styles. I found it very eye opening to the way our Creator so uniquely and specifically created us to reflect him to all we come in contact with even in the way we communicate. We learned from KLLP that there […]