Devotion In Action

If you have been around our church the past several months or have been reading these blogs, a theme has developed around the word devotion. We’ve seen that devotion is not just loyalty. From Acts 2, we’ve learned that devotion to the apostle’s teaching, fellowship, communion, and prayer gives birth to revival families. The early […]

Feeling Incomplete?

As I was meditating one day recently, I was pondering Tom’s messages of how we need the Holy Spirit to be revival families. In that pondering I was reminded of a grading system that is used in colleges and universities. Some students take an “Incomplete” in a course. I began to ask the Lord what […]

Power Outage

I just survived the #middayblackout2019 and I’ve had an epiphany.  I think it was a sign and a wonder from God.  For me.  Just. For.  Me.  You may be skeptical, and you’re probably thinking I’m a bit “off” to think that a regional power outage could be just for me.  And you may be right….but […]

Trust Like A Child

Do you remember your childhood, having fun, jump roping, or playing on the playground, with not a care in the world? There was nothing to worry about. Ah, blissful ignorance! My daughter has shouted at me in frustration many times, “Adults have all the fun!” when she doesn’t get her own way. She obviously doesn’t […]


As we go through life there are many challenges we face on day-to-day bases. Two of those challenges are receiving an offense and causing an offense. A person can be going along in life and out of nowhere someone can say something or do something that offends you. It does not take much in today’s […]