Reaping Kindness

Have you ever been shopping with two hungry children under 5 at Aldi after 5pm? The hangry is rising to an entirely new level, beads of sweat are dripping from your brow as you start breathing deep, calming breaths of survival trying to not notice the wandering glances towards the sweet cherubs sitting in your […]

Does God Do Anything Without Prayer?

Does God do anything without prayer?   That’s a question that came up when I was doing a study on prayer. Several people have pondered that question to me after experiencing a miraculous answered prayer when they felt like they were staring down the end of their rope in life.  David Jeremiah even states the following: “I […]

Turning Around The Titanic!

Recently at the church I call home, relationships (specifically marriages) have come under a serious attack; and it appears to be growing more intense. The need for inner/spiritual healing and personal growth is desperately needed to win this battle.  I have been married to my wife Shelly now for 15 years, and I can say […]

Just Hang On

Trials aren’t fun. What’s a trial you ask? Simply put, a trial is a difficult or troubling time in your life. Do you ever think, “Sign me up! I want to go through some trouble, please!” If so, you’re amazing, because you have evidently figured out the key to maturity. I’ve gone through a lot […]

Being Distracted

How easily distracted are you?  What distracts you the most? Do you get consumed with what is happening around the world, our nation, our state and communities?  Or are you allowing God to consume you? Being distracted is not fun. Your mind has a tendency to keep spinning from one thing to another until it is […]

Navigating Disappointment

Disappointment is defined by Google as, “sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.” This nonfulfillment can lead to a simple frustration, a quickly passing sadness, but in cases of high hopes and high expectations, disappointment can lead to deeper levels of sadness or despair.  Our chance of experiencing disappointment seems […]