Trust Like A Child

Do you remember your childhood, having fun, jump roping, or playing on the playground, with not a care in the world? There was nothing to worry about. Ah, blissful ignorance! My daughter has shouted at me in frustration many times, “Adults have all the fun!” when she doesn’t get her own way. She obviously doesn’t […]


As we go through life there are many challenges we face on day-to-day bases. Two of those challenges are receiving an offense and causing an offense. A person can be going along in life and out of nowhere someone can say something or do something that offends you. It does not take much in today’s […]

Our Minds

Communion Sunday at NCWC is a joyous but sobering time for me. I am reminded of the cross and what Jesus endured for me. I am reminded how He has forgiven me, set me free and that I have a home in heaven awaiting me. I am also reminded Jesus went to the cross because […]