Power Outage

I just survived the #middayblackout2019 and I’ve had an epiphany.  I think it was a sign and a wonder from God.  For me.  Just. For.  Me.  You may be skeptical, and you’re probably thinking I’m a bit “off” to think that a regional power outage could be just for me.  And you may be right….but […]

What is God’s Will?

I just wanted to first give an update on a few things that have been going on in our youth meetings.  We have had some very encouraging and insightful meetings recently.  The youth are really opening up, participating and asking awesome questions.  It has been so much fun and highly encouraging to see their minds thinking, wondering and […]

How’s school?

What is going to be your child’s biggest challenge in school this year? Classes Extra-curricular (sports, 4H, band, etc.) Relationships (friends, significant others, teachers, etc.) Choosing a college Many times, we as parents, like to skim across the surface of issues our children are facing instead of growing our children to be able to handle […]