Experiencing God’s Rest in the Season

In Ecclesiastes 3:1 we read, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (NIV). As this new journey of becoming a parent to two has unfolded for us personally, God has been gently guiding me back to this verse. But what does it mean to have a time for everything? How can I find the time to load the dishwasher, make the bed, change two diapers, cook dinner, plan Flip 180 lessons, go back to work to a full-time job I enjoy, love and honor my husband and continue to seek relationship with God? I find it overwhelming and out of my reach to attain when I list out all of my “activities” that I need to accomplish on a day to day basis. Yet, God’s still calm voice speaks back to me “this too is a season and it’s short so live it with me.” You see when I list it all out it is unimaginable and it is unattainable—because I would be living out this season in my own strength… which cannot be done.

When I find rest in His voice to live in this season “with Him” I am reminded that I do not face the day alone. My comforter lives within me, and he desires to walk through my day with me. As I fill the dishwasher I whisper a breath prayer to my King “thank you for the sweet person who created dishwashers, Papa God because mama ain’t got the time.” As I make the bed, “Thank you Jesus for giving me this bed that I get to share with my soulmate.” As I change dirty diapers, “Thank you God that you chose me to take care of these little ones.” As I drive to work and listen to worship music to fill myself with his presence before I walk into my workplace he speaks to me again, “You can do this Emma, I created you and you can accomplish this with me.” You see when I begin to seek Him in the small things and listen to His beautiful and steady voice, I find that my unattainable list is complete. My nerves are at ease. My relationship with Him has been present in all parts of my day even in this season of busy, tired, beautiful mess-mama life I currently live in.

Maybe you can’t even put into words what season you are in right now- I encourage you to ask Him, just tell Him as if you were talking to your best friend, and I promise you He will begin to speak to your heart. He cares about our mundane day to day tasks and does them with us just as much as He cares for our huge accomplishments and goals. Seek Him in the small things and He will meet you. As you go through this week what does it look like to walk through your season with God?

When we begin to walk through our day with Him we set an example for our children to do the same. I want to encourage you to talk to your kids about how you do this and begin to challenge them to find God in their season. Maybe you journal instead of saying breath prayers, or maybe you squeeze in a quiet time every morning or every evening. Wherever or however you are finding God and meeting Him in your season—tell your kids. The more vulnerable we are with them about how we seek intimacy with God the more encouraged they are to do the same. Tell them about your season! When we open dialogue with our children and share our story with them we allow them to see us as brother and sister in Christ and not just as parents. I challenge you to share in this conversation with them and ask them how they might find God throughout their day. Remind yourself as much as you need to that we do not live in the ever-changing seasons of life alone—we walk out the seasons “with Him” and we will find rest.

Emma Shetterly
Flip 180 Tween Pastor

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