Love Is An Action

A few months ago, I was impressed by the Lord to read a book by Heidi Baker. I was praying about how to love better and I was drawn to her book Compelled by Love. Heidi works with and takes care of poor, desolate children in Africa. Throughout the book, she speaks of reaching the lost through showing God’s love. As she ministers, she begins to see how much God truly loves these children and takes care of His children.

Earlier this fall, Rob and Heidi’s Connect Group partnered with Cornerstone Church in Belmont to hold a neighborhood outreach in the community. When I heard it was planned, I was ecstatic! It was an opportunity for me to put love into action. Our family volunteered to help in any way that we could. When we arrived, we examined the scene. Paintbrushes were placed on a table ready to be painted on the faces of the children. A large bounce house was ready for fun. A train ride was revved up ready to drive. Hamburgers and hot dogs were being grilled and a food table was ready for families to be served. All this was being taking care of by the volunteers at Cornerstone Church, Rob and Heidi’s connect group and several other volunteers. The parents and children strolled up to get some food and the children ran to play in the bounce house and ride the train.

I couldn’t help notice the attitudes of the volunteers. Rob cooked the food cheerfully while enjoying talking with the community. Heidi never stopped smiling. The joy in her heart was obvious as she served the guests. I admired as Karen showed love to the children and families, talking and spending time with many of them, sitting down with them as they ate. Alger and other prayer team members staked down their prayer tent awaiting to pray for others. There were many volunteers from both churches whose hearts loved to serve and show the community the Love of God.

A few days after the Belmont event, Kate and Alex’s Connect Group along with Angie and Pat’s group reached out to the community as well, serving hot dog and hamburgers to the kids at the skatepark. Many served the community, talked to the kids, and spent time watching their skills. The kids were curious as to why they were handing out the food and again, the love of Christ was shown to these kids. God was saying, “I care for each and everyone one of you.”

From the words of Heidi Baker, “Wherever you are, God wants to show you the blind, the sick, the dying, the lame, and the desperate who are all around you. He wants to release radical acts of loving-kindness through you. He wants to give you spiritual eyes to see them in the spiritual realm.”

How much more fruit can we produce when we work together as a team through Connect Groups? When we have the Lord living and breathing through us, what can happen? Whether it’s reaching the community, praying for another who’s going through hardships, building friendships, or serving one another, let’s not limit what God can do when a team of believers unite. Let’s unite and grow together. How can you put love into action and show the love of God to someone?

Michelle Hughes
Connect Ministry Leader

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