Ministry…it just isn’t about the pulpit

Good morning world.   What an amazing time in world history we live in.  What an amazing and intriguing thought that out of the the places in the world and times we could have been born into, we are here, in Midwest America.  Specifically New Castle IN, June 2017.   My wife Ashley, and I (Mike Brown) pastor the young adult generation.  Those ages span from out of high school to 30’s….ish.  This is a generation that is making history and not only shaping our nation, but the world. The problem is, we just don’t know if it’s a good or bad change.   This is a generation searching for significance, purpose, and destiny.  It is a generation trying to fulfill dreams.  But who is helping them?   Most of these young men and women come from broken homes or unhealthy home environments.   Most have no example of what a healthy marriage is, work ethic, or what a healthy life is.   I would use normal life but what is that anyway?   Who defines normal anyway?   Culture?   Today’s culture is so opposite of what Bible standards are that we shouldn’t use that as a guide.  This generation wants truth, but even truth now is jaded and up for debate in their minds.   Most young adults have been a part of a church where they are hearing truth from the pulpit, but rarely seeing it in action.  

     So what does this have to do with my wife and I and our young adult team.   We may be leading a young adult ministry,  but a better way to explain this is we are parenting a generation.   We are teaching life skills to a group of people who may have heard about life and what to do, but rarely have seen it shown.  They heard about GOD and biblical principles, but didn’t really see them put into action except for two hours on Sunday.  Most never have seen the two put together.  They had dreams, but were forced to live there parents dreams.   They knew they had a destiny, but not pointed in the right direction.   This is what we do.   My wife and I have 3 kids, and one on the way (natural kids), and 20-30 other ” spiritual children” we are raising as well and sharing are life with.   Ministry, not just young adult ministry, looks different now days. You just can’t minister on Sunday morning or Sunday night and be done.  You can’t just talk about Bible stories, GOD, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, as if they are just good stories about life long ago.   You have to model it and prove its relevant too today.   You have to prove that the power to change lives, live dreams, shape a nation, live a powerful life, have a great marriage (not perfect), impact and change a community can still happen, and be joyful and fun.   You can’t do that on Sunday.  You have to do it everyday and open your life up for ALL to see.  That’s scary and most won’t do that.   It takes guts, work, risk, and faith. You have to see how GOD created each one and not be afraid of who they are or what they are doing now.  It has brought a lot of joy to our life, but a lot of heart ache as well….. But that is life.  GOD created us for this, and we decided to partner with him.  You can help change something with being involved.  I was reminded today of a radio show I used to listen to back before I sold out to GOD.   On the show was a skit called Mr. Obvious.  I loved this skit it was hilarious.   It started with this line….” hello Mr Obvious. Long time listener first time caller.”   I had to laugh as the lord said our team is living this out.  This generation has listened to teaching, preaching, and truth about GOD for a long time…..  now they are first time callers.  What seems obvious to us, is not always obvious to them.   Our job, when they call, or call us out…..We answer, share life, and help them partner with GOD to define GOD’s normal.  Through this we change a generation by living truth.


Mike Brown

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