My Delight

      The sun quietly broke through the horizon filling the day with new hopes of faith filled adventures for the inhabitants of the quaint, small town of America. Slowly one by one they rose from their beds wiping the sleepiness from their rested eyes and stretching themselves into their new day. Quickly they pour their liquid energy into their chalices while declaring to themselves “I am going to keep doing the same thing over and over again but expect different results!!!”  What!?!??! What a way to ruin a perfectly good story! You had me at “…quietly broke…”! No one has ever said that! No one ever declares their insanity! But wait a minute…….do we….maybe we do! Just hear me out and think about the following questions:  How many of us lecture our kids in moments of frustration with them to no avail in changing their behavior? How many of us go for too many servings of desert but yet want to lose weight? How many of us spend our money how it pleases us but we still come up short at the end of the month and bills are not paid? How many of us experience body pain but still eat the wrong foods? How many of us feel a lack of love in our life but still respond in irritation and anger towards others? How many of us want a better job but can’t make it to our current job on time to keep it? How many of us want a deeper intimate relationship with God but don’t spend anytime with Him?  It’s Insanity, absurd, foolishness, crazy, or whatever word you want to use to sum up our weak behavior. It is said our actions speak louder than words and we act out what we actually believe in our hearts. The point is we all have moments of insanity in our daily life that is really hard and sometimes embarrassing to admit. In actuality many of us rise in the morning declaring our insanity just as the scenario painted. Ouch!

      But why?  Can I propose because we believe more in how this culture tells us we are broken and messed up which keeps us bound up in moments of insanity than in who the Lord says we are and the grandeur of His love for us. Isaiah 62:4 says “It will no longer be said to you, “Forsaken,” Nor to your land will it any longer be said, “Desolate”; But you will be called, “My delight is in her,” And your land, “Married”; For the LORD delights in you, And to Him your land will be married.”

     This culture constantly drives home how desolate and forsaken we are. Someone is always doing it better, quicker, and is more intelligent than you. Our culture promotes scarcity above a lot of things. It says, “There isn’t enough to go around and you didn’t get it so don’t bother and just live a meager life.” That is easy for us to see. But what does it mean for the Lord to delight in us and for our land to be married to Him?

     I am so glad you asked!  It means that the Lord desires us and has a high degree of pleasure for us. He is inclined towards us and because of that inclination He has given us a fanciful name- My Delight. It is what we do for those that hold a special spot in our hearts – we give them a nickname or “fanciful” name that has a deep loving meaning and unconditional acceptance to us. Just ponder on that for a moment and allow the emotion of that well up in your heart. God has a special endearing name for you- My Delight- because you hold a significant spot in His heart.

     Think about your own children or significant other. We all have endearing names and thoughts we hold just for them that creates acceptance, deep love, encouragement, and perseverance in them. The Lord gave us the ability to love without limits for others. Why can we not receive that kind of love from the Lord on a moment-to-moment basis that drives us to go for it with reckless abandonment in all that He has for us? Do we not see ourselves as worthy of such a deep loving term of endearment? Did you know we can only give to others to the degree that we live for ourselves? I dare you to live wholeheartedly and embrace this loving term of endearment from the Lord and see how life changes! What do you have to lose but your unfriendly, false beliefs?!

     But it doesn’t even stop there. The Lord goes on to say that He wants our land to be “married” to His. Now I know it is not common place for us to talk like this but lets give some thought to what it means to be married.  When you marry you let go of your individual life, your selfishness, to become one, a covenant of agreement, with someone else to create a better you. It is becoming better together than you are by yourself. The Lord wants all of that with us.  He wants to be one with us. He wants all that is His to be ours and all of us to be His without force. God wants us to choose Him just as much as He chooses us.  But why don’t we want all that He wants to give us? Is it because it takes work to willingly trust something that seems to good to be true? Are we conditioned to believe the hammer will eventually fall and it will be really bad? Well, I propose that if the hammer is going to fall then what do you have to lose? Why not go for all that He has for you and to not settle for anything less?  It sounds simple just like the act of marriage may seem. But it takes courage and effort to dare to go the long distance and grow and learn and increase together with one another and the Lord. Do not be afraid of investing the effort just because you might break a sweat of false beliefs. Cast the shame aside, admit to your mistakes, and choose to grow and increase and stay married to Him. When we allow the “SON” to break the horizon line of our entire heart only new days come.

     Einstein once said “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created it.” Whether Einstein would admit or not, he was hearing from the Lord and we need to abandon our mindset of insanity and embrace Isaiah 62:4 moment to moment in our life and see where this new terrain takes us.

Michelle Preble
Inner Healing Ministry Director

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