Praying for the Next Generation

      Raising up the next generation in the things of God is a big challenge. There are so many distractions that appeal to young minds and senses. Some even have a home life that is not ideal. Theirs minds are constantly being stimulated by things that are after their soul: games, TV shows that are demoralizing and even some speak of identity that is not of God. As adults we have our own struggles with life and the demands of raising a family. There are times when we want to escape and be stimulated by what appeals to our own senses keeping us distracted from what really matters. We get so busy with things that we often times push the children away and tell them to go watch TV or play a video game. We tell them, “I am busy right now, I will talk to you later.” Then we forget about the later.

       Please hear me, I am not trying to put guilt on anyone. Let’s face it…it is hard raising a family in today’s world. Each child has needs and some require more than others. Why? I do not know. Being a single parent raising two children was a challenge for me as each one had their needs. Did I meet all their needs and do everything right? I would say not!!! With the help of the Lord, family and friends, we made it. In today’s world raising a family is a huge challenge.  Trying to balance work and family for two parents is hard but being a single parent presents greater challenges trying to both to be a mom and dad.

      Children are a gift from God for us to raise and nurture in the things of Him. After all, He thought of them before the foundation of the world. He knew the timing when they would be born and what family they would be given to as a gift from Him. Each child is “fearfully and wonderfully made” Ps. 139:14, “Created in His own image” Genesis 1:27.

       Now that my children are grown and raising families of their own I can see that the challenges are getting greater than when raising my own children. The pressures that come from outside of the family are tremendous. Pressures that they face in school, like peer pressure from other students and things being taught in the class that are mandated by the state school system have to be overwhelming. This is not saying all things being taught are bad. We can be thankful that there are teachers that teach because they love to teach and see their student succeed in life. They face uphill battles everyday in the classroom; from students being easily distracted and not wanting to be there to facing what is mandated by others of what to teach and how to teach.

       It is difficult to see young lives being destroyed by the influences of the world that are less than what God created them to be. I am thankful that there are quality parents and teachers, who are raising the next generation in the things of the Lord.

       Even though my children are out of the house, I have a great opportunity to bring change to many lives through prayer. For the past year I have had the privilege to go and pray in the schools early in the morning before the students get there and to pray for the teachers. My heart is to see a generation changed. As we walk the halls there is no contact with the students. Occasionally, I will see a teacher and ask if they need prayer, what can I pray for, or if I can pray for a particular student that is troubled. If there is a list of names of the students outside the classroom they are lifted up in prayer to the Lord by name. Who knows what changes in their lives will be made. Whole families could be changed.

        Jesus stated in Matthew 19:13-15, 13 Then little children were brought to Him that He might put His hands on them and pray, but the disciples rebuked them. 14 But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” 15 And He laid His hands on them and departed from there.

       Prayer for our children is making a way for the next generation to walk in the fullness of God so they will exercise their God given gifts and talents to a dying and lost world. They will be strengthened in their identity to take dominion over darkness by spreading the light and truth of Jesus Christ. They will go to a city, country and nations with healing, deliverance and shining His Light to the lost.

       When we pray for them we are the game changer in their lives so they can become game changers.

Alger Julson
Prayer/Altar Team Leader

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