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Prophetic Recap for July 2, 2017

Prophetic Declarations and exhortations from July 2nd 2017

You have got to take a step into the unknown, it is time to go deeper, for that is where you are going to find God. He will meet you there, let your faith rise up, it might not be comfortable, it might not feel safe, you just have to go deeper into God.
If you want to go deeper in God, you have to get into the water, stop playing in the sand, get into the water. Are you satisfied with a view from the sand? Are you comfortable sitting in your chair watching everybody else?
The living water heals, in Ezekiel 47; scripture talks about water flowing under the threshold of the temple toward the East. We are the temples of God, we are His Holy habitation, when we worship in a corporate setting we are facing East.
The water is a healing water and the Lord is taking us deeper to the point where we have to swim. When we get healed, we can walk in supernatural authority and become agents of change. Deep cries out to deep, not shallow cries out to deep, or even shallow cries out to shallow. Jesus is calling for you to go after the deep things of God. We have to get into the water of God. We have to live, and breathe in the water of God, to be saturated in His presence, and become productive.
Everyone of us has a call of God upon our life, everyone of you are called. The Word of God says,” that yes we are called, but also we need to choose”. God wants us to press into the secret place with the Lord. He has so much to teach and show us, but we don’t take the time.
He wants us to be totally submerged, over our heads in the river of life, that nothing else matters except doing the will of the Father, and as we step into that submission, the secret things that have been hidden from us will be revealed.
This is a church , where your titles and roles don’t matter. We are on a level playing field together, where people are rising up, the nameless and faceless generation of Christ crawling over the hills and the valleys together, walking on journeys together, regardless of what your look like or what your name is.
The army of God moves mountains. You are all agents of change. You have the power to release change into the atmosphere of this region. You have supernatural authority and power. You are ammunition fire, ammunition builders, you shoot out fire into the land. Strongholds are being broken, when you wake up in the mornings things that have been there since childhood will no longer be there.
An authority for us to step into a supernatural realm of Faith is being released to us.
The prophetic gifting of miracles, and healings is right now being released to us. Walk in it, step into it, you are Jesus with skin on, you have to speak, you have to release it, you have to go, you have to war.
The great commission is being released over us.

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