Prophetic Recap July 30th 2017



You’re the only God that heals, you’re the only one that answers prayers, you’re the only one that brings the Giants down. X 3

With you by my side, I will fear no evil, with you right by my side I will fear no evil, with you by my side I have no fear.


I’m really sensing that there’s waves, there are waves of worship coming over us Angels joining into the worship, so right now the Lord is giving us Ministers of Fire waves and waves from the Lord close your eyes and feel the waves.


Sing this with me, no weapon formed against me will prosper x3

Can’t stop the Lord Almighty, can’t stop the Lord Almighty, x3

No one stops the Lord Almighty, with a lion by his side x 2

No one stop the Lord Almighty x 3

Who can stop the Lord Almighty, no one, no on

You are the Lord Almighty, Jesus Lord of lords King, Jesus king of kings,  Lion of Judah

Jesus, Lord of lords, Jesus, oh mighty King, Jesus, Lion of Judaht

You are the God, the one who’s doing a brand new thing, just like the ocean you cover the Earth, x2

Your Glory, your Glory you cover the Earth, just like the ocean x2

You are the God that’s doing a brand new thing, you are the God that’s covering everything with your holy

You are the God that’s breaking in with a brand new Awakening  you’re doing a brand new thing, you are the same God that’s hovering and bringing in a Great Awakening,

We have to be a group of people, we have to be a church that stops doing Church the way the world is familiar with.  We have to be a church that starts worshipping in a way that the world is not familiar with, that people feel and see things in a way that man I am unfamiliar with this, because what happens when things become unfamiliar, they take us out of our comfort zone, they make us feel uncomfortable, when God’s presence falls, it’s so good and it’s so great and it feels sometimes uncomfortable, we’re going to be a group of people that Worship the Lord in a way that the world is not familiar with. We’re going to be a United Church in all of Henry County, it’s United, it’s a church, and it’s working together in such a way that the world is not familiar with. So let’s make this our prophetic declaration, as we continue to worship here a little bit more, that God is the God that is ushering the brand new Great Awakening.

God is the god that is ushering in a brand new Great Awakening x3


One of the greatest arsenals of warfare that we can declare is that God is good. Despite what you are going through, He is still good. You are good God! In the marriage that is failing, God you are still good! In my body, when I’m fighting sickness and disease, God you are still good! In the family where the children are running away from God, Lord you are still good.  You are a good God, and your mercy endures forever. I feel like whatever the situation is in your life, I want you to bring that to the forefront of your mind, then I want you to watch the Lord come in, I want you to picture Him, coming in over that situation in your life, it may be a new job, I don’t know what your issue is, God is the God in that moment, he is inside you, he is with you, we give it to you father.

Father we declare your worthiness, we magnify you today in this place, as a family God, we love you as sons and daughters we declare you are good! And your mercy, is forever and ever and ever. There is no end to your mercy, Abba, Papa, father, because of your goodness. Because of your loving kindness towards us everyday God we magnify you today God.

The Lord was reminding me about, when the church is a prophetic Church, and an Apostolic Church, it is a church that engages in spiritual warfare, the New Testament the part that we live and we believe, I believe in the Old Testament to, but I’m clarifying, literally declares that we are in a battle, it’s not about flesh and blood, it’s not about people, it’s not about your boss, it’s not about a co-worker, it’s not about a spouse, your friends, or your kids, that is not the battle your in.  You are in a battle on a spiritual level, and as a church that is an Apostolic and prophetic Church, we have to be a people that is committed to spiritual warfare. In our own lives, and in the corporate body, and I know, like Mike was saying, this is not what you get at most places, but we have chosen to actually go after all the parts of the Bible, and engage in it. So that is what you were experiencing here today, we were not battling flesh and blood, but we were going up against principalities, and lies, demonic strongholds, because we are a church that is a prosthetic and Apostolic Church. We are a church that knows how to go after that which what God is called us to go after I want to remind us of a couple of words, prophetic words, Dennis Cramer back in 2014, spoke this word over us, I want you to get ready for the move of God, get ready for the way that’s God, get ready for the Holy Spirit to move and breathe upon this place, for the Lord would say, the Breath of God will awaken this people, various gifts of the Spirit will rise in this house, you will be like the gardener that patrols Over the Garden, pulling out the weeds, and picking out the stones, and I’m going to use you to have a clean people, a pure people, a people with zeal, in the Lord’s House, so get ready. Then he came back that same day and that same prophetic word, do not be naive, that there will be people that bring into the house of God spirits, contrary to the Holy Spirit, I am going to let you begin to discern them, you’re going to want to say oh God I don’t want to be negative, I don’t want to be critical, no, you need to remember 1st Corinthians 2:15, he who is spiritual, judges all things, and I am going to let you to begin to discern the spirits, that want to come into this place, this will be a clean house, this will be a clear house, there will be no Spirit contrary to the spirit of God, there will be no New Age spirit, no Wizardry, no necromancy,

No Ouija board, this is a clean house with a clear atmosphere, that my people can worship me in spirit and in truth. Then he came back a year later, and he prophesied this, gather the people of God and urge them to get serious, I don’t want anyone in the church lagging behind, I don’t want any dead weight in the sanctuary, so speak clearly, and speak firmly, and tell everybody to get ready, for the Lord would say I am now bringing this church into a time of decision, everybody say, decision, some will decide to go on with God, and some will not, go with those who go with you.




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