Prophetic Recap September 3 2017


This is the next stage of Glory x2

You are the guy that takes us into the next stage of Glory x2

Your the God that always changes, you’re the God that always changes yet you always stay the same x2

You’re the guy that makes changes, You’re The God Who stays the same

You’re the God that expels the darkness, you are the God that heals the broken,

You are the God that always shares His glory, You are the God that always shares your glory.


If you would just close your eyes, the Lord is wanting to, just as that song says, He is wanting to take us higher, in the Old Testament, the sanctuary of God is built different than what we experienced, the sanctuary of God is now our hearts, our Temple is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. In the Old Testament there were the outer courts, and then there were the inner courts, and then there was the holy of holies, the spirit of God is giving you an invitation, to go into the real secret place with the Lord, a place of intimacy, a place where all distractions are set aside, there’s some of you hear that you’re really needing a drink from the Lord, you’re needing refreshing, you’re tired, there’s a lot going on in your mind.  The place of fulfillment truly is the presence of God, but it really requires something of us to really push forward into the Lord. I want to encourage us all right now, to go from glory to glory. To abandon yourself, weather you kneel before the Lord, whether you stand and raise your hands, or wether you sit quietly before God, there is an invitation of sweetness right now, there is an invitation from the Lord to get alone with Him, so I really want to encourage you to do that, and in that secret place, there’s also a word of knowledge, that there are some things going on in people’s lives, there’s a ceasing, there’s a stopping, and God is saying no more, there is a stopping of what has been going on. God is saying no more.

This song is really a song of your heart, taking you from glory to glory today this is about worshipping him and not about us.  Amen.  Let Him take us higher as we take ourselves lower, humble yourself before God.


It’s going to be better than the former glory, the glory of the future Temple.x 5

There’s no place like homex 4

There’s no place like home with Jesus x3


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