Revelations for the New Year

So my New Years REVELATIONS may seem a bit late but I want to share some revelations not resolutions for the New Year.

This past Christmas Brian and I took our 3 children and two others on a mission trip. Not a trip to build, restore or work but a trip to serve, love and embrace. Yes, that’s right, we didn’t work hard at building a new building, painting an old building, chopping weeds; you get my drift. We went to serve the children and families who care for them.  We went to play with the kids and let the house moms take a nap and prepare dinner without little ones running and crying. We allowed the moms to turn up their worship music and rest in God’s presence for a couple hours in the afternoon.

What does that do for my kids and myself????? So many things!!! Neither my kids nor I were constantly on our phones or iPads. We actually remembered how to verbally communicate, how to interact outdoors, and how to make new friends.  I also re-learned how to rest. That’s right REST. I rested on this mission trip. I read an entire book and it was amazing. It rebirthed my energy to serve God. I read the book “Birthing the Miraculous” by Heidi Baker.  After reading this book I wanted to encounter some experiences like she did. Sooooo God let me in on His fun:

  • 1st: new flight to La Ceiba. Listen, that meant not sleeping on the airport floor for 20 hours, not watching armed guards walk around us. It did mean watching the compassion of those at the airport literally make a new flight for just 11 people.
  • 2nd: Gage got to minister to someone in airport.
  • 3rd: the kids played cards with other kids in airport. This was pretty awesome, as my kids know very little Spanish and taught two little kids how to play a card game. Of course, Tabitha was there to help translate.
  • 4th: our kids immediately took to other kids at orphanage. They were all a little hesitant to go. They were asking what do I say or how do they play? What will we do??  Yep…no problems. They joined up right away.
  • 5th: I was able to bond with new families. It’s amazing how little of another person’s language you need to know if your just willing to go serve next to them and help.
  • 6th: watching Brian form new business ideas in his mind and discuss with Jason. I loved watching my husband flourish in his giftings. That brought joy and renewed energy to me as well.
  • 7th: kids begging to go back. Yep! Our kids are already planning how and when to go back to visit their friends. And how to help pay!!! Wow.
  • 8th: I had been asking God for dreams several months before we left. I use to dream a lot. The dreams started again while in Honduras.

You may ask how does this pertain to my ministry in youth?!?! Well, we all have times in our lives we need renewed, revitalized, re-energized, just a general redo. This trip started my redo. It gave me time to restart my engines. I was able to slow down enough to get new ideas. Maybe I didn’t get them all while there but I have relearned how to listen to God, administrate some things I’m not good at and let go of unnecessary things.

No matter what ministry we serve in we all need a minute to stop and restart. I also realized even my teenagers needed this. I hope to try to teach this to the teens in upcoming year. Take a minute to reboot, get reacquainted with God, relearn how to listen to God, etc. The list is endless.

Sarah Hughes
Youth Leader

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