What is God’s Will?

I just wanted to first give an update on a few things that have been going on in our youth meetings.  We have had some very encouraging and insightful meetings recently.  The youth are really opening up, participating and asking awesome questions.  It has been so much fun and highly encouraging to see their minds thinking, wondering and learning more about God, heaven, and all that amazing stuff.  Shelly recently taught on dreams and their meanings.  The kids were very much interested and participated in this meeting.  They have asked for more of these teachings.  This past Sunday, Brian brought a message on “The Will of God.”  I think it made the youth and even the leaders really ponder on His will in our lives.

This is where I will start my main subject.  What is God’s will for our lives?  Is God going to give us every detail before it happens? Will we have a nice laid out blueprint before we start?  PROBABLY NO!! Actually, it’s not probably, it’s just NO.  However, God does tell us in His word about His plan for our lives.  As Tom taught this past Sunday, part of our salvation is to believe.  Believing that Jesus gave us the gift of salvation is key to knowing our plan.  I know, this sounds strange.  Follow me for a minute.  Mark 16:17-18 says ” And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons, they will speak in new tongues, they will pick up serpents with their hands, and if they drink any deadly poison, they will not hurt them, they will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover.” So…… if we believe, this verse tells us what we are to do, hence God’s will for our lives.  Let’s look at another verse.  Romans   12:2 ” Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”  We all know the first part, “Do not be conformed to this world..” However, it wasn’t until last night that I really noticed the rest of the verse.  I really like that The Passion Translation “Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think.  This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in His eyes.”  Wow, so the renewal of the mind that comes from our salvation will allow us to discern the Will of God for our lives.  So, let’s put this into perspective, if I believe in God’s gift of salvation, I can be used to cast out demons, speak in new tongues, be safe from poisons, lay hands on sick and they will recover.

That seems pretty awesome, but is that really God’s will for MY life?  Yes.  And how do I know my mind has been renewed?  Well, Bill Johnson said it well, ” We will know our mind is renewed when the impossible looks logical.”  Yep, that’s right, the impossible can become logical.  Let me use my own life to illustrate this.  Back in 2003, Brian and I purchased 5 acres of land here in New Castle.  Our plan was to build our new home on that property the next year.  Well, we tried that year and nothing worked for us.  The loans wouldn’t go through, contractors weren’t available, many things.  We tried again in two years, same thing, plus I found out I was pregnant and wouldn’t be able to help with anything.  So we waited until we thought we heard God say now!! Here’s where the impossible seemed logical/not so logical.  Brian and I both had full time jobs at this point, each working 40-60 hours/week, our kids were in dance, baseball and going to school in another city, we still lived in Anderson and had to drive down to New Castle to work on house.  Seems pretty impossible to build our own home, right? Nope.  When God’s will is in His timing, it works perfectly.  We were able to build starting in April of 2011, moved into the basement December 31 2011 and moved into our finished main level March 9, 2012.  Not even contractors said they could complete this home that fast!!  But it was God’s will on God’s timing.  Not only that, but I was able to stop working full time by May of 2012 and God gave us the new job of helping with youth July 4, 2012.  Looking back, it was impossible!!! But God’s will made it possible and somehow logical to our minds at that time.  Were we tired? Yes, but NO ONE got so tired as to be sick.  Did we have minor hiccups? Yes, I broke my leg.  BUT God provided people in the church to finish the roof.  God doesn’t say things will be perfect, but He will be there to provide and comfort us.  John 8:32 gives us some insight, “For if you embrace the truth, it will release more freedom into your lives.”  You may ask how does this pertain to your story?  Well, we embraced the “truth” that it was God’s will for us to start building the year of 2011, in New Castle, IN.  By embracing this truth and following through with the plan, our contractors were readily available, we obtained crazy deals on building materials, and other necessities to build our home, our jobs were still busy, but yet, God’s grace got us through and even gave us a few days off to work on our home construction, building our home allowed me to be home more with our children, being home more allowed me to see how broken I was and obtain emotional healing, which then encouraged Brian to obtain emotional healing, which lead to some crazy family healing.  And oh my, you have no idea how much our family changed.  Not just Brian, I and our own kids, but our extended family.  So FREEDOM was obtained by embracing God’s truth!!

Let, me sum this up a little better.  God’s will for our lives is to believe in Him, trust Him, follow His word.  In doing so, we will experience freedom.  When you have freedom in your life, the impossible starts to become logical.  What’s impossible in your life?  Ask God to show you the impossibilities in your life.  Seek His word.  I promise.  Those impossibilities will start to look logical!!

Sarah Hughes
Youth Pastor

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