Word for 2018

Word for 2018 

Prophetic Word of the Lord
God is in the process of expanding our understanding of His love. He is calling us to examine ourselves as we walk into this new year. We must step out of our spiritual slumber, accept responsibility of our identity in Him, and embrace the new you for this new year.
God is saying, Attention! Attention! Hear what I am about to say, “Cast your cares and worries far from you. Deliverance is coming to this house. An intense moment is occurring around you, a day of remembrance is coming, this will be life alterating. I have gifts that I have shared with each one of you, I share them with the ones that I love. A new name will be given to you individually and as my corporate body. This name will identify you as a certain type of person, and also, will identify the gift that you are to the body. Resources are all around you to use to perfect my will for your life.”
We are at an intense moment of our lives, we must drink deeply, taste what is involved in all that is happening around us. For this is a day of remembrance, a season to be evaluated with deep regard, because life altering changes are coming soon.
God will give us the gifts that we need for; the season, the year, which is upon us. He is going to identify us with a new name, a name of value, a name of identity. He is opening the storehouses of heaven to make available to us all the resources that we will need to push on into the realms of destiny opening before us.

* This is a Prophetic Word from the Prophetic Team, discerned from dreams, visions and words from the Lord to various people during the last months of 2017. Amazing God things are going to happen in the year 2018, let’s all be ready.


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