Worship, I Need It Daily!

Nothing gets you to your knees like a struggle, rough spot, heart wrenching diagnosis, a child that’s sick, a child who’s hurting, etc. but what about the days when everything is sunshine and rainbows???

I am in a rough spot now and I needed to be reminded that I need to worship through this time. At first I was like, I don’t want to worship, I want to grieve, I want to cry, I want to freak out!!!!!  But as I woke up yesterday I had a song on my heart. So I started to sing it as I traveled to the hospital. The song was about trusting God. He has everything under control. I don’t have control, He does. Today, as I traveled to the hospital, the song “Great are You Lord” was playing inside of me. So I sang that song as I drove. As I was singing both mornings, a peace, a calm and an attitude of thankfulness flooded my soul!!! I felt like I could truly rest and trust in God’s presence.

I encourage you all to try this out!!! It will be a part of my morning ritual. I need that rest, peace and assurance. We all need that peace and assurance in our lives!!! “Show Me Your Glory” – Jesus Culture

Sarah Hughes
Youth Leader

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