Yielding: A testimony

If you’ve read some of my blogs or know me personally, then you might recall that I’ve written and spoken about yielding to God quite often.

To recap, late last fall, God gave me a vision of a tractor and cultivator working on the snowy, winter ground. It seemed so out of season to see a tractor working winter ground. But, as I prayed about what God was showing me, he invited me to join him in what he was doing, even if it felt like it was out of season. Soon after that, I received a prophetic word, encouraging me to “preach the word, in season and out season”. The vision and prophetic word were definitely connected.

About a month later in January 2018, stepping out in faith at the encouragement of the pastor, I shared the Sunday night sermon at church. I focused on what the Lord had been dealing with me the past few months: God wants hearts yielded to Him.

We call Jesus “Lord and Savior” but we rarely allow him to be Lord. We love the savior part. He saved us, brought us into communion with God and we get to go to heaven. But the Lord part, that means that he is first, we are second. My will and my desires surrender to his will and his desires. God wants and can use a heart that is yielded to him. After sharing the message on yielding, I decided that I didn’t want to put myself first and didn’t ever want to say no to him. “Lord, I yield all that I am to you. Use me as you please.”

In June, while I was waking up, God showed me a vision of a young, dark skinned boy reaching his hand out to me. I heard the Lord speak to me, “I’m calling you to India”. I was stunned. I had not been praying about missions recently, and that morning I had not been praying about anything. I literally was just laying in bed, trying to wake up. I didn’t think about it much and kind of filed it away in my brain.

A month later, early in the morning after exercising, I was taking a few minutes to rest before getting ready to work. I started praying a bit, about nothing specific that I can remember, and the Lord spoke to me again. “You are a great friend. You care what I care about. There will be an opportunity to go to India within a year, I want you to go. There is a man you need to meet.”

Again, I was stunned at the clarity of what I heard in that still, small voice. “Wow, God. There’s someone I’m supposed to meet?” I shared the whole story with my wife, the vision of the young boy and what the Lord said. I told her, “I don’t want to say no.” So, we committed to pray about it and agreed in faith that God would make it happen, if he wanted to.

At this time, I began to more seriously consider what God had been showing me. How am I going to get to India? How will I know when the opportunity arises? Is someone just going to announce a mission trip to India? What is my role in searching this out? I shared it with the pastor, we talked and committed to continue praying about it.

In September, as I was working, I was reminded that one of the cofounders of the company had gone to India on a mission trip about a year prior. I decided to step into his office and talk to him about his trip. He shared some testimonies with me and recalled with smiles what an amazing trip it was. I asked if he ever thought about going back. He replied, “Well, I was asked to go in January 2019, but I can’t. You should go in my place.” Immediately, I was floored. God said there would be an opportunity!

I began to share with him all that God had been speaking to me and showing me. He quickly said that he would try to arrange a meeting with the other 2 people going in January, so that I could talk with them.

A couple weeks later, I met Pastor Mecwan and Pastor Ruble for lunch. Pastor Mecwan was born in India and has lived in Indianapolis for some time. He has started a ministry to the Indian community in Indianapolis and travels back to India frequently, bringing others with him. As I shared my story with them about what God had been speaking, Mecwan interjected, “I am the man you are to meet. Come with us.”

As we sat and talked about India and the upcoming trip, I could feel the presence of God with us. We would be ministering in many house churches, sharing Christ with Hindus and teaching those who have already come to Christ. I shared the prophetic word about preaching and Mecwan said that he would hand me the mic and I could preach. My heart and spirit were excited. I was nearly in tears, overcome with joy. I did not commit to going, but to pray and talk with my wife.

While my wife was praying, she was reminded more of my prophetic word. Shortly after the ‘preaching’ part, it said, “Get ready to travel and minister the word of the Lord, even in other churches.” Her heart was put at ease.

We agreed, God was sending me to India. There was an opportunity to go and I met the man who invited me to go with him. I told Pastor Mecwan and Pastor Ruble that I was going. Mecwan encouraged me, telling me that after they met me for lunch, they felt in their spirit too that I was to go.

And so, at this moment, I’ve applied and been approved for a Visa to India. I’ve purchased plane tickets and will be going to India early 2019.

I have yielded so far and the Lord has delivered on his word. I will continue to yield and I am excited to see what God has in store for this trip. My faith is encouraged that God does speak and that he speaks clearly.

God is good and he wants a heart that says yes. What have you said yes to? Will you yield to him? What is your testimony?

Jeff Hughes
Connect Group Ministry Leader

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